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Talia Nitka, LCSW

New York City Telehealth Therapist

Talia Nitka, LMSW

Talia has a strong belief in the potential for growth and healing at all stages of life. She graduated from Tel Aviv University with a BA in psychology and earned her Master of Social Work from NYU. She is currently accruing hours towards her clinical licensure. With over 10 years combined experience working with children, families, and adults internationally, Talia has cultivated a deep curiosity of human nature, and an openness toward understanding individuals. Her varied experience living overseas, volunteering in India, and working with different populations in the field of Social Work has brought her closer to ideas, values, and cultures that differ from her own background.

Her work is rooted in developing a strong therapeutic relationship, which invites one to safely become more honest with oneself and others. She values listening, self-awareness, patience, and understanding with suspension of moral judgement. In her free time, Talia takes pleasure in photography. She strives to capture the simple moments of humanity that make us relate to one another and reflect our human nature. 

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