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Matthew Korner, Ph.D. union square psychology new york city

Matthew E Korner, Psy.D.

Founder, Director, Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst


My interest in working toward a collaboration that feels authentic, where the mutually gratifying experience of trust, compassion, and growth is an important focus in a relationship, led me to establish Union Square Psychology. I feel fortunate to be working alongside a team of skilled and talented therapists dedicated to this type of work.

I am a clinical psychologist with over 18 years of experience helping people of all ages figure out how to feel better.  After completing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Ferkauf Graduate School, Yeshiva University in 2006, I was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology and health psychology at The Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine, NYU Langone Medical Center. I continued there as a staff psychologist for 7 years, while also teaching graduate courses in counseling at Long Island University and developing my private practice.

I’ve completed advanced psychoanalytic training at the Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (WCSPP).

Here is a New York Times piece in which I was illustrated and quoted (you'll find me at the bottom of the article).

Ronnald Tanner mental health counselor union square new york city

Ronald Tanner, LCSW

Supervising Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst

Choosing to enter therapy offers the possibilities of growth, change, and increased active involvement in one’s life.  My approach to therapy is to engage with patients beginning with the interests and concerns that prompt them to enter therapy.  We can focus on issues that are immediately present, and also seek an understanding of underlying patterns of feelings, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs.

Essential to successful therapy is the creation of a collaborative relationship between patient and therapist.  Matters under discussion about the patient’s life will be explored, and, as the therapy proceeds, the issues that brought the patient to therapy begin to appear in the therapy itself. 

Thus, a dual focus emerges: the patient’s life outside of therapy and the ways that the patient and therapist explore what is developing in the therapy relationship.


I was awarded a Master in Social Work degree from New York University,  received additional training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and hold a Certificate in Psychoanalysis from The Westchester Center for the Study of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis.  I have worked on both inpatient and outpatient units at Montefiore Hospital and Four Winds Hospital.  My particular interest lies in assisting patients to explore their interpersonal interactional styles, considering character traits, behavioral patterns, and coping methods.

Talia Nitka mental health counselor union square psychology

Talia Nitka, LMSW

Talia has a strong belief in the potential for growth and healing at all stages of life. She graduated from Tel Aviv University with a BA in psychology and earned her Master of Social Work from NYU. She is currently accruing hours towards her clinical licensure. With over 10 years of combined experience working with children, families, and adults internationally, Talia has cultivated a deep curiosity of human nature, and an openness toward understanding individuals. Her varied experience living overseas, volunteering in India, and working with different populations in the field of Social Work has brought her closer to ideas, values, and cultures that differ from her own background.


Her work is rooted in developing a strong therapeutic relationship, which invites one to safely become more honest with oneself and others. She values listening, self-awareness, patience, and understanding with suspension of moral judgement. In her free time, Talia takes pleasure in photography. She strives to capture the simple moments of humanity that make us relate to one another and reflect our human nature. 

Rachel Osterlind mental health counselor union square new york city

Rachel Osterlind, LMSW


I believe in the fundamental uniqueness of every human being, and that change is always possible with a foundation of compassion.

I use a humanistic psychology platform and believe every diagnosis has a counterpart of strength. I will highlight these strengths, as well as tailor my therapy methods depending on your unique makeup. 

As your therapist, I will provide a safe and respectful environment that cultivates acceptance and growth. Together we will collaborate and create a customized plan that provides you with coping skills to help you in becoming your best self.


My educational background includes an MSW from Columbia University, as well as an MSc in cognitive neuroscience from the City University of London. My background in neuroscience allows me to set a foundation rooted in biological science. 

My specialties include substance abuse and dependance, depression, ADHD, anxiety, Complex PTSD, and self-esteem. My training is mainly in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but I often use a mixture of modalities to create a rich therapeutic experience.

Alex Bauman
Alex Bauman mental health counselor union square new york city

Alex Bauman, LMSW

Alex is dedicated to working with clients on their individual needs with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and interpersonal relationships. He defines the role he takes on as a life coach with a strength-based approach. He is easy to trust and builds a lasting rapport with his clients. Alex is caring, empathetic, and compassionate while maintaining a realist outlook when helping clients overcome specific roadblocks in life. He uses a variety of approaches that include Object Relations Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and mindfulness.

Alex has over ten years of experience working within a community based mental health setting. Alex has aided individuals of all ages to finish school, complete jobs, and become more active in their own recovery and growth while feeling less isolated. 
Alex graduated from Fordham Graduate School of Social Service with a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work in 2012. He received his Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) from Hunter College School of Social Work in 2017.

Blaise Prince mental health counselor union square new york city

Blaise Prince, LCSW


I believe that therapy is a collaborative process, my goal is to provide you with a safe, affirming space, to identify and process emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that are impacting your daily life, your relationships, and your sense of self.

I specialize in treating complex PTSD, specifically for survivors of crime, substance use disorders in the context of extreme coping, depression, and anxiety. I have experience working with diverse populations and I am LGBTQIA+ affirming; as a multi-racial white-passing person of color, I seek to hold space for clients to discuss the impact of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and transphobia on their experiences.

I use a wide range of modalities to meet your needs and goals of treatment including, cognitive behavioral therapy strategies, family systems approaches, strengths-based approaches, and trauma-informed psychotherapy. 


I was awarded a Master of Social Work from NYU.

Blaise Prince
Jovan Reyes mental health counselor union square new york city

Jovan Reyes, LMSW


I am a Licensed Social Worker dedicated to working with individuals from all walks of life. I am currently working towards obtaining hours for my clinical licensure. In addition, I actively attend and participate in ongoing training to strengthen my practice.

As a woman of color, I am comfortable discussing racism, class, social justice, and the intersectionalities of your identity. Furthermore, I have several years of experience working with individuals and families who have dealt with justice involvement and chronic medical and mental health conditions, including substance use.

Establishing rapport and maintaining a solid therapeutic relationship is most important in working towards goal attainment. I use a trauma-informed lens in my practice. I specialize in working with adults who've experienced trauma, abuse, depression, and anxiety. I take a strengths-based approach and practice various modalities to meet your needs best. I use CBT, DBT, mindfulness, family systems approaches, and psychodynamic therapy to work with you to meet your specific therapeutic goals.

Rebecca Rivera mental health counselor union square new york city

Rebecca Rivera, Ph.D., LCSW-R


People have remarkable inner strengths to overcome personal challenges. It takes courage to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing in therapy. I provide a safe therapeutic environment where you can explore your thoughts and feelings and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience treating people with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and trauma. My clinical training encompasses a range of approaches, such as psychodynamic, couples and family therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and relational work. I will work with you to create an open, healing environment using a collaborative, strengths-based, and affirming approach.

I received my doctoral degree in clinical social work from New York University and have a couples and family therapy training background from the Ackerman Institute for the Family. I completed advanced psychodynamic training at the Karen Horney Clinic and am currently a candidate for psychoanalytic training at American Institute for Psychoanalysis.

Dr. Rivera
Zachary Hubert Psy D Union Square Psychology

Zachary Hubert, Psy.D.


Everyone goes through difficulties in life, and it helps to have a nonjudgemental person to talk with about those struggles in a safe, secure, and trusting environment.

My work as a therapist is guided by helping others to figure out why they feel the way they do, and what experiences from their past and present are influencing their daily life.

I am a postdoctoral psychologist with experience working with individuals of all ages. I obtained my doctorate degree from Pace University in 2023.

I practice through a psychodynamic lens, utilizing strategies from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and attachment-based and interpersonal practices. My specialities include working with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, life transitions, and difficulties in work and school.

In addition, I have a background in research, studying the impact of adolescent sexual risk taking, psychology and emerging technologies, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder in college students.


Kristen Marx, LMSW


I have a strongly held belief  that everyone deserves to be happy.​ Life throws many challenges our way and it often helps to have a trained professional's objective guidance to navigate them.

My interest is in working with you to create a space for exploring what is happening and why. We are all the experts in our own lives, but help with teasing the answers out can provide the clarity we seek. We might work on accessing dissociated experience, uncovering longstanding beliefs and patterns in order to make room for personal growth, character enhancement and boundary setting.  

I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Training and Mindfulness Practice among other modalities. Having formerly worked on Wall Street, I understand the challenges of the corporate world and the changes it is currently undergoing. My Master's degree in Social Work is from Simmons University. I'm also a certified mindfulness and meditation instructor.

"Life is amazing. And then it's awful. And then it's amazing again. And in between the amazing and the awful, it's ordinary and mundane and routine. Breath in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary. That's just living a heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. And it's breathtakingly beautiful." LR Knost.

Dr. Rivera

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