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Mindfulness & Relaxation Training


Mindfulness Training in New York

What is Mindfulness?

The term mindfulness may bring up images of yogis chanting by a river, but it’s actually a very accessible tool for anyone including those living in the hustle and bustle of New York City.  Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism, but has become accessible to people from all faiths and walks of life through evidence based psychotherapy modalities such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

How is Mindfulness Training Helpful?


If you experience racing thoughts, often worry about your to-do list, stress about the future or are plagued by regrets from the past, you may benefit from mindfulness and relaxation training.  Mindfulness therapy can help you cope with the stress of daily life, soothe anxiety, and can reduce symptoms of depression. You’ll learn techniques that you can use in many situations: in stressful work meetings, when talking to friends and family, while navigating traffic, or when trying to sleep. Mindfulness can also help with symptoms of PTSD, insomnia and chronic pain.  


Mindfulness and relaxation training can help you learn how to slow down your mind, notice the thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere, and ask good questions about those thoughts like “Is this true?” or “Is this thought helping me?” without judging the thoughts as either good or bad.  Mindfulness therapy can also help you to allow those thoughts to float on past without getting attached to them or letting them derail your day.  By learning to observe your thoughts, you may notice that the emotions that are often attached to the thoughts become less consuming.  

Starting Mindfulness Therapy


When you see a Union Square Psychologist for mindfulness and relaxation training, they will start by learning about you and your unique situation.  They will assess if mindfulness therapy is a good fit for your needs or if it may be helpful to incorporate other types of therapy.  Your Union Square Psych therapist will share with you various mindfulness techniques and have you practice them in the session.  For example, if you are talking about a distressing situation, they may ask you to sit with your feelings, allowing them for a few moments, and then help you navigate thoughts and accompanying feelings that arise as you become more present with your mind and body.  


Mindfulness and relaxation training can help you feel more at peace, more present in your body, improve relationships, and learn to take the challenges of life as they come with a greater sense of agency.  


If you are interested in mindfulness and relaxation training, please schedule a free consultation call, so our client care coordinator can match you with the therapist who would be the best fit for your needs. 

If you have any questions about your symptoms or about relaxation techniques including mindfulness meditation, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team at Union Square Psychology. Contact information can be found below.

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