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Therapy for Depression


Depression Therapy in New York

Symptoms of Depression

You might be experiencing symptoms of depression if you often feel hopeless or worthless, or like you are a failure.  Depression symptoms sometimes manifest as sleeping too much or too little, loss of appetite or excessive appetite, and not enjoying things you once enjoyed.  


If you often find yourself struggling with these symptoms or if there are other reasons you wonder whether you are depressed, you are not alone. Depression is a common reason people seek therapy.  Most of us experience depression at some point.  Reasons we feel depressed are sometimes obvious, but often it's not clear.  For example, if you’ve recently lost someone important to you, gone through a major life change, or are dealing with a chronic illness that limits you in some way, feeling sad and perhaps angry is a natural response.  However, often the reason we've been feeling down, uninspired or unmotivated is difficult to identify and it can be helpful explore what is happening in your body and mind with a trained professional .  

How Therapy can Help with Depression

Whether you are clear about the reason for your depression or not, the therapists at Union Square Psychology can help you learn coping skills, heal from painful experiences, and find ways to reconnect with the parts of your self that bring you joy. 


Your Union Square Psychology therapist will start by carefully listening as you describe your experience, of symptoms, feelings, and any other information you find important. We are interested in understanding you and your story, and listen for less obvious factors that might contribute to how you’re feeling. These might include anxiety that feels unmanageable, a dissociated or unprocessed sense of grief or dread, or patterns of relationships that perpetuate a sense of doubt in yourself. Our primary interest is in collaborating with you to figure out your best course of treatment. 

Treatment for Depression


Treatment for depression might include cognitive behavioral therapy, which identifies the thoughts that are influencing feelings and behaviors.  Your therapist might introduce mindfulness and relaxation therapy, which helps you practice slowing down your thoughts in order to calmly and non-judgmentally become more aware and present. Often,  just having a sympathetic guide focused on you and your experience can help with talking through confusing or painful feelings and thoughts . This is important for developing a meaningful perspective and greater sense of control. If you might benefit from a specific method of treatment or a higher level of care, we will discuss this with you as well.

Medication for Depression


If there is a need for medication or if you've been wondering whether medication is appropriate for you, we can provide a referral and work in conjunction with a psychiatrist or psychopharmacologist to balance medication and psychotherapy. This is considered by many to be the most robust approach for treatment.

Getting Help for Depression


If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, please schedule a free consultation call with our client care coordinator who will match you with one of the best depression therapists in New York at Union Square Psychology.  


If you are suicidal or in immediate danger, call the suicide hotline by dialing 988 or call 911.  

If you have any questions about your symptoms or about depression in general, please do not hesitate to contact a licensed psychotherapist or a member of our team at Union Square Psychology. Contact information can be found below.

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